Growth in the Spring Can Wreak Havoc on Plumbing

Is Your Growing Garden Hurting Your Plumbing?

As the weather warms up and gives way to a growing green yard, flowers are blooming, and trees are growing. April showers bring May flowers, but this new plant growth can harm the plumbing and cause plumbing issues. Keep reading to learn how growing tree roots can cause problems with the underground plumbing system, their effects, and solutions.

Intruding Tree Roots

tree rootsThe growth of tree roots that intrude on the plumbing is a significant concern for homeowners and property owners. Tree roots seek out moisture and nutrients in the soil, and if they are found in an area where drain pipes and sewer lines are located, the tree roots will grow into them in search of water and nutrients. This can cause blockages and damage to underground plumbing systems.

Additionally, tree roots can cause damage to aboveground systems such as water lines, sprinkler systems, and storm drains. Property owners must be aware of the potential for tree roots to invade their plumbing systems so that they can take preventive measures to protect them.

Problems From Intruding Tree Roots

tree root obstructionTree roots grow and expand in search of water, and they can cause significant issues when they find it. Intruding tree roots are a common problem for property owners – especially those with piping running through their yards. When tree roots invade piping, the effects can be felt throughout the home.

Tree roots invading underground piping can cause several problems. As the roots grow, they can break through the piping, causing leaks and blockages, resulting in slower draining, poor water pressure, or sewage backups. Sewage backups are a health hazard, not to mention an unpleasant mess that needs to be cleaned up. Additionally, the damage to the plumbing from the tree roots can cause significant damage that is costly and time-consuming to repair, especially the longer it is neglected.

Solutions to Root Obstruction

When tree roots have intruded on a plumbing system, homeowners should schedule professional services as soon as possible to prevent additional damage. When a plumber arrives, they will first determine if there are roots in the system and where the damage is located. Then, they will remove the roots from the plumbing, possibly with hydrojetting. In this method, a heavy, powerful stream of water will blast through the line, break up, and remove the roots and other debris that can cause blockages. Next, the experts must repair the pipe to fix the crack and leak caused by the tree roots entering the piping.

Preventative measures can also be taken to prevent tree roots from entering the plumbing system in the future. Installing root barriers and scheduling routine plumbing maintenance and inspections can help protect underground infrastructure from costly damage. It is also essential to be mindful of the types of trees planted in an area, as some species are more likely than others to cause infrastructure problems. Trees with shallow root systems should be avoided near underground piping, as their roots are more likely to invade plumbing systems. Instead, trees with deeper root systems should be planted near underground piping to reduce the risk of infrastructure damage. These measures can help avoid costly repairs and disruption to household plumbing systems.

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